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Postby RichardWSymonds » Sat May 24, 2014 7:33 am

http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2014/05/24/ ... many-dead/


May. 24 07.30

Take a long look at this chart. Think about it. Following Thursday’s political tremor, UKip has just 163 local seats. It doesn’t control a single Council anywhere.
Labour has 2047, the Conservatives 1,333. Even the LibDems still have 2.3 times as many seats….with a fraction of the popular vote compared to the size of UKip’s polling figures to date.

On the Richter scale, this is a political earthquake in the region of 0.02.

Nigel Farage says that UKip is now “a major player”, but it’s hard to read that from these results. He will, of course, blame Britain’s woefully undemocratic electoral system….but it won’t wash.

What the British Nation did this week was give a massive protest vote to a ramshackle Party whose organisation on the ground, in most of the country, is risible. The LibDems (the big losers in this debacle) are a Party of local professionals, and they always have been. UKip is twenty years old as a Party, the LibDems are twenty-six years old with a mental age of seven. The Cleggies have had a disastrous history of being completely ineffectual as a coalition partner, whereas UKip are supposed to represent the biggest single unenfranchised opinion in Britain….and be “surging”.

Today, the LibDems still have 409 seats, and UKip 163. I’d love to know what difference it’s going to make.

But then, I don’t live on the Channel island of Brecqhou des Foucons. In that rarified realm, one day Nigel Farage is a satanic buffoon, the next he’s a winner. Which is, of course, because these results so far are about local UK politics, about which the Brothers Barking giveth not a monkey’s. So Nige is a suitably safe weapon with which to bash….the Labour Party.

Yes, I know that really the Barking Twins of Tinkytonk Island would much prefer to bash Cameron with the blunt instrument, but one must recognise priorities in this world. The Ed Miller Band is the main enemy now, because based on these results, they’d get a clear, non-Coalition 40 seat majority a year from now. And for shadowy, unelected power-freaks in the Channel Islands, that could be a disaster.

It wouldn’t be, actually, because a Labour Government would really mean power switching from the Greedy Deaf wing of the élite to the Fluffy Deaf wing of the élite. It would be bad in slightly different ways, but the medium term result for Britain would be the same: overpopulated bankruptcy inside a neo-fascist Superstate.

But wait for Sunday’s later-in-the-day results of the EU elections, at which point Nigel and his Faragistas will resume their normal position as deranged clowns on the pages of the Barclay Torygraph.

Only the Independent now has a relatively centrist agenda….and it is going down the pan at an alarming speed. Every other title in the mix is controlled by a spectrum of unearned privilege, soft porn and incompetence whose sole purpose in life is (a) to survive commercially and (b) bat for the side most likely to ensure its survival. In that sense, they are barely distinguishable from the political class.

Major earthquake, not many dead.
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Postby RichardWSymonds » Sat May 24, 2014 7:44 am

http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/11234466 ... ?ref=var_0

Labour celebrates after gains in local elections

7:00am Saturday 24th May 2014 in News By Michael Davies, local government reporter

The Argus: Labour celebrates after gains in local elections
Labour celebrates after gains in local elections

THIS year’s local elections have generated more debate and hype than for many years. Coupled with the European elections, thousands of people turned out in voting booths across the county to decide who they wanted to represent them on their local council and in Europe’s parliament.

With Labour hoping for big gains going into the 2015 general election and UKIP promising a “political earthquake”, local government reporter MICHAEL DAVIES was at the official counts in Crawley and Adur and Worthing to see what happened.

THE 2014 local elections could go down as the year Labour showed they could win in the South East after the party took back control of Crawley Borough Council from the Conservatives and added a councillor to their group in Hastings.

With the shadow of next year’s general election looming over the local and European elections this year the early signs were good for the Labour group after an overnight count for Hastings Borough Council showed they had increased its number of councillors to 24 compared to the Tories’ eight.

The party had extra reason to celebrate after polling results showed they had picked up increased support from the Tories even in seats they didn’t win.

Some wards saw a swing of close to 10% to the Labour group.

It was mixed night for the UK Independence Party, which saw a significant portion of the votes come their way but not enough to stop them losing their only councillor.

Following the result the Labour group took to Twitter to announce their victory.

They wrote: “Hastings Borough Council is now made up of 24 Labour councillors and 8 Conservatives - key general election seat held by the Tories.”

Jeremy Birch, leader of Hastings Borough Council, added: “Labour has done very well. It has the majority of the popular vote in the town. It's a very good bedrock to build upon.”

But the main focus at yesterday’s count and results was squarely on Crawley, which has been picked out as a key parliamentary seat for the Labour party at next year’s general election and with the K2 leisure centre packed out with councillors, candidates and supporters the tension was obvious as the count got underway.

Going into count Labour had identified four key seats – Broadfield South, Ifield, Southgate and West Green – with the party needing to win at least three of them and not lose any of its own seats to take back control on the council.

It didn’t take long for the rumours to spread around the hall with whispers of a massive UKIP surge sucking the vote from the Tory Party.

The biggest rumour came from the Pound Hill South and Worth ward, which was also subject to a by-election count after calls for recounts sparked speculation that UKIP was on the verge of winning its first elected representative to the council after its current councillor Karl Williamson defected from the Tory party.

But with the count nearing an end it became clear which party was on course for victory in the borough and the Labour group was buoyant as the results were made official.

Speaking after the win, group leader and new leader of the council Peter Lamb, who retained his seat in the Northgate ward with 821 votes, said: “Day in and day out we’re told by the Conservative Government that things are OK and the country is on course. When Ed Miliband came to Crawley on Saturday he heard a very different story. He heard of people struggling with a real cost of living crisis and we’re committed to now changing things for the better, dealing with the cost of living and over the next year we’ll show the difference a Labour council can make. We have also shown we can win in the South.”

He added the group would now set to work with officers to implement a strong agenda for the borough and promised to end evictions from social housing as a result of the bedroom tax.

In a by-election for the Pound Hill South and Worth ward Conservative Beryl Mecrow was re-elected to the council after a 2 year absence.

Councillor Mecrow, who has eight years’ experience as a borough councillor, said she was happy to be re-elected despite the efforts of UKIP and admitted some nerves prior to the results announcement.

“You never know what the electorate will do,” she added.

Speaking after the result, Pound Hill North Conservative councillor Richard Burrett said: “It’s a sad day for Crawley. I believe we’ve left the council in a better condition than we found it. We wish the Labour group the best but we’ll be a good, strong opposition. Today is their day but we can say we’ve left a good legacy so please don’t squander it.”

Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Crawley, Chris Oxlade, said the result had made him more confident going into 2015.

He said: “We’ve been out and spoken to thousands of people and we know the difficulties people have. In Crawley Labour will deal with these issues.”

And while the UKIP political earthquake didn’t bring the establishment crumbling down this year there were rumblings of momentum for the anti-establishment band ahead of next year after many candidates pushed the Conservatives into second place.

UKIP candidate Lee Gilroy, who finished third in the Southgate ward said the party had become the real alternative party in the borough.

"We've taken the Conservative vote and they've been wiped out,” he said. “Labour have got control of the council but where we've come from last year when we were relatively unknown now we've taken over the second place. It just shows that people have had enough of the mainstream parties and we've pushed the Tories into second place.”

Crawley’s only UKIP councillor, Karl Wilkinson, whose seat was not up for a vote this year, added: "We've generated quite a lot of votes and pushed the Conservatives into third place. Our share of the vote has increased and it sends a clear message to the establishment that people are sick of their positions on the bread and butter issues like immigration and Europe and they're sick to death of it."

“There was a lot of hype on the opinion polls but we'll have Labour worried as well as the Conservatives because this result proves that we don't just take votes from the Tories, we take them across the political spectrum. We'll soon be choosing our candidate for the general election and then it's all to play for."

Dr Howard Bloom, Conservative leader and now former leader of the council said: "We're very close in a lot of the wards and a small swing either way today was enough. Where the council goes is often dictated by the third party who take a proportion of votes from the top, which works for the second party. You just couldn't predict where we were going on this. Labour has been working very hard to try and get votes in the seats we're holding and we've been working very hard to get votes.”

In Adur and Worthing the result was slightly more predictable with the Tory heartland remaining faithful to its party.

The Tory group now has 9 councillors in Adur to go with 9 in Worthing and while they were mainly untroubled by a solid UKIP showing there were signs that the anti EU party had put itself in a strong position going forward with five UKIP councillors elected in Adur and one in Worthing.

Newly elected 21 year old Tory councillor James Butcher, who took the Churchill ward with 631 votes while increasing the majority from 1 at the last election to closer to 151 this time, said: “I’m feeling really positive. One of the things I want to stress is that my election in Lancing was about regeneration against stagnation. And regeneration won.”

The young councillor, who is now set to serve as policy advisor to cabinet member for regeneration Pat Beresford, said it was also reassuring the Conservative party had managed to elect so many young candidates.

There was also reassuring news for the Conservative. Analysis revealed their votes came from a broad spectrum of both men and women, aged between 20 and 70.

Councillor Neil Parkin, returning Conservative council leader for Adur and Worthing, said: “I’m delighted the people put their trust in me and this council. It will be business as usual in improving value for money and improving their services, that’s all it’s about.”

And UKIP made good grounds in a number of seats to finish second by slight margins while seemingly taking the vote from Labour.

Pauline James, who finished second to Conservative candidate Heather Mercer in the Salvington ward by 23 votes, said the day had been mixed but positive for the future.

“To come second in quite a few seats and win Durrington off the Conservatives we’re pleasantly surprised,” she said.

“We’ve done quite well and if you look at the majority we’ve lost by it’s very small.”

The European election count and results will be announced on Sunday evening and The Argus will be covering the event live from Southampton with a full story the following day.
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Postby RichardWSymonds » Sat May 24, 2014 7:57 am


http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/11232776 ... ults_live/



So that's it for this live 2014 local election coverage. It's been an exciting day with Labour regaining control of Crawley Borough Council picking up an extra councillor in Hastings.

In Adur and Worthing the Tory predictably stayed in control on the council.

And as for UKIP, they didn't pick up many seats but they surged ahead of many other parties to finish a strong second in many wards.

So all this makes for an interesting start to the final 12 months before next years general election.

A full analysis and break down of results will be featured in tomorrow's Argus

Worthing, Salvington: Lib 173, Green 181, UKIP 988, Lab 236, Con 1011

Worthing, Central: Lib 188, Green 610, UKIP 559, Lab 362, Con 601
So that is Worthing's first Green councillor. Central goes to the Greens by just nine votes (Conservatives in second).

Worthing, Offington: Lib 194, Green 164, UKIP 798, Lab 191, Con 1240

Adur, Marine: Lib 74, Green 128, UKIP 248, Lab 128, Ind 743
Also interesting Ukip vote in Adur and Worthing seems to be coming from Labour and other left parties
Breakdown of Conservative votes in Adur and Worthing show their support is coming from male and females from 20-70, that is broad appeal

Worthing, Marine: Lib 189, Green 264, UKIP 692, Lab 298, Con 1114

Worthing, Goring: Lib 186, Green 217, UKIP 817, Lab 305, Con 1435

Worthing, Gaisford: Lib 300, Green 317, UKIP 537, Lab 312, Con 874

Adur, St Marys: Lib 88, Green 174, UKIP 289, Lab 309, Con 508

Worthing, Selden: Lib 298, Green 199, UKIP 526, Lab 354, Con 601
And now it's Adur and Worthing where the Conservatives appear to be holding firm against a strong Ukip challenge

Adur, Southwick Green: Lib 88, Green 109, UKIP 271, Lab 244, Con 588

Worthing, Tarring: Lib 713, Green 197, UKIP 664, Lab 218, Con 470

Adur, Widewater: Lib 149, UKIP 706, Lab 318, Con 617

Worthing, Castle: Lib 414, Green 88, UKIP 653, Lab 324, Con 702

Worthing, Broadwater: Lib 272, Green 202, UKIP 691, Lab 288, Con 754

Worthing, Heene: Lib 158, Green 507, UKIP 498, Lab 222, Con 714

Worthing, Northbrook: Lib 169, Green 54, UKIP 328, Lab 86, Con 355

Worthing, Durrington: Lib 345, Green 50, UKIP 526, Lab 152, Con 494

Adur, Peverel: Lib 75, UKIP 420, Lab 236, Con 469

Adur, Buckingham: Lib 67, Green 101, UKIP 250, Lab 171, Con 678

Adur, Eastbrook: Lib 138, Green 81, UKIP 325, Lab 262, Con 428

Adur, Cokeham: Lib 318, UKIP 452, Lab 223, Con 317

Adur, Manor: LD120, UKIP 448, LP 168, CP 590

Adur, Hillside: Lib 59, Green 65, UKIP 402, Lab 214, Con 529

Adur, Churchill Ward: LD 217, UKIP 481, Con 631

Adur, Southlands Ward: Lib 55, Green 50, UKIP 371, Lab 250, Con 353

So the full results are in for Crawley. Our local government reporter is making his way to the Worthing and Adur count. To see the full results for Crawley results click here
http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/results/ ... uency/470/
It's official, Labour is back in control of Crawley Borough Council
We're very close but a by-election count in Pound Hill South and Worth is causing a bit of a hold up
There's been a slight delay in results announcement while a few wards are checked again, it's very close in some areas
Counters get a well earned break while we wait for results
It's not official yet but it looks like the Conservatives have lost Crawley Borough Council to Labour
We're down to the last few counts now and smiles are starting to develop on certain groups
28 minutes until first results expected and could be significant vote shift in Crawley
Agents called for Ifield, that's the last of Labour's four target seats. There is definitely tension in the air now
Agents being called for Southgate, could be significant for Labour as rumours grow they will take back the council
Ukip don't believe they've taken any seats but could have pushed the Tories into third place in many wards
There's a large Labour contingent gathered around the West Field count, nerves are rising as results edge closer
Strong rumour going around that Labour have the lead in two of their four target seats
Being told some of these wards could come down to as little as 10 or 20 votes, just goes to show that every one counts
Current Conservative council leader Howard Bloom says he just can't predict how this election will go and the parties are dealing with the unknown
We're expecting results to start coming in at 12:30 and they'll come thick and fast
The count has started in Broadfield South
Labour have targeted four key wards (Broadfield South, Ifield, Southgate and West Green) they need to take three of these seats and not lose any of their own to take back control of the council
This is the current make up of the council 20 Conservatives, 16 Labour and 1 Ukip
I'm now here at the beginning of the count in Crawley, it's still early but there is a buzz around the K2 centre. Crawley is a key marginal seat for Labour who will be hoping to take the council back ahead of the general election next year
Results are already in for Hastings, with Labour retaining control of the council.


The Argus local government reporter Mike Davies will first be in Crawley before making his way to Adur and Worthing for the results and full reaction.

Reporter Ben James will be in the office rounding up all the results and reaction.

Please leave your thoughts below this live blog.


Hello and welcome to our local election live blog. We will be bringing you all the latest results from Crawley Borough Council, Adur District Council and Worthing Borough Council.
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Postby RichardWSymonds » Sat May 24, 2014 8:17 am


http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/results/ ... uency/470/

Choose a council


Michael Gerard Jones - Winner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 891
Casey Leigh Lavington The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party 515
Tina Belben The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 370
Arshad Khan Justice Party 61

Broadfield North

Ian Irvine - Winner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 779
Christopher James Brown The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party 348
Anne Corinne Bowen The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 297
Derek Roy Isaacs The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Socialist Labour Party 30

Broadfield South

Tim Lunnon - Winner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 650
Mia D Bristow The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party 439
David Noir Bowen The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 386

Furnace Green

Carol Eade - Winner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 866
Andrew Clifford Skudder The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 555
Allan Peter Griffiths The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party 465
David Lee Anderson The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Liberal Democrat 101


John Stanley - Winner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 995
Martin Alan Stone The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 758
Steven Michael George Wade The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party 668
Richard Symonds The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Independent 143

Langley Green

Stephen Joyce - Winner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 1078
Sharon Kennett The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party 471
Andrew Simon Jagger The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 333
Kevin James Richard Osborne The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Liberal Democrat 86


Ken Trussell - Winner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 1114
Julian Charatan The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 508
Simon Darroch The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party 486


Peter Keir - Winner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 821
Raymond Ronald Ward The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 511

Pound Hill North

Richard David Burrett - Winner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 1059
Craig Martin Burke The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party 425
Robbie Sharma The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 362
Valerie Ann Spooner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Liberal Democrat 110

Pound Hill South and Worth

Howard Stanley Bloom - Winner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 1250
Beryl Mecrow The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 1102
Emma Marie Barton The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party 579
Gillian Dorothy Joyce The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 556
Jason Vine The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 462
Nicholas Dennis The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Liberal Democrat 252


Raj Sharma - Winner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 888
Jan Tarrant The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 823
Lee Richard Gilroy The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party 590
Mike Pickett The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Independent 228

West Green

Karen Sudan - Winner The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Labour 590
Vanessa Sara Cumper The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Conservative 321
Alison Burke The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo UK Independence Party 311
Elke Brigitte Smith The Argus: ElectionsModule Party Logo Liberal Democrat 69
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Postby RichardWSymonds » Sat May 24, 2014 8:33 am


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Na ... on_results

In 2003, the BNP fielded a total of 217 candidates in 71 local authorities in England and Scotland. The party won a total of 13 council seats, polling over 101,221 votes and averaging 17% of the vote in those wards where it fielded candidates.[36]
The BNP's success in the 2003 local elections sparked national media publicity.[37]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crawley_(U ... nstituency)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crawley_Co ... tion,_2003

http://crawleyindependent.blogspot.co.u ... d-and.html

http://www.maidenbower.org.uk/forum/vie ... a6833050b7

Richard W. Symonds - Ifield Independent - Crawley Elections (1999 - 2014)

https://www.google.co.uk/search?client= ... 8&oe=UTF-8

Richard W Symonds - Cyril Joad Society Founder Member .... Comment Gatwick City (Crawley, Horley, Ifield, Airport & Beyond) The Best Question ... The Best Answer Ever Given Politics and Elections Obituaries and Biography ***, Sport, ...
4 May 2007 - CON ELECTION VICTORY IN IFIELD AND CRAWLEY - SAD DAY. IFIELD ELECTION RESULTS CONSERVATIVES - 885. LABOUR - 826 ... to have an Independent voice in Ifield. # posted by Richard W. Symonds @ 7:35 AM.
Gatwick City of Ideas • View topic - "IFIELD. THE PLACE TO BE ...
31 Dec 2013 - Re: INDEPENDENT IFIELD - LOCAL ELECTION CRAWLEY - MAY 22 201. Thu Apr 17 .... Richard W Symonds (Ind) of Lavington Close, Ifield
DON'T BE AN APRIL ... 2 May 2012
More results from poundhillnorthindependentcrawley.freeforums.org
Crawley Borough Council :: Election Results
http://www.crawley.gov.uk/pw/.../Electi ... dex.htm?...
Results from local and regional elections in Crawley. ... Ifield. Martin Stone. Conservative. 758. Ifield. Richard Symonds. Independent. 143. Ifield. Steven Wade.
2009 County Council elections - Crawley Borough Council
4 Jun 2009 - West Sussex County Council election results 4th June 2009. Ward ... Bewbush & Ifield West ... SYMONDS Richard W. Independent. 291.
Gossops Green & Ifield East (electoral division) - Wikipedia ...
Gossops Green & Ifield East is an electoral division of West Sussex in the United Kingdom, and returns one member ... Independent, Richard Symonds, 291, 9.4.
Homes 'essential' to avoid Crawley overspill in other parts of ...
http://www.wscountytimes.co.uk/.../home ... verspill...
30 Sep 2012 - Homes west of Ifield are essential if the council does not want to deal ... Richard Thomas, partner at Welbeck Strategic, said: “What better place .... over the years (as an Independent Candidate in Ifield and Beyond), ... Luckily, judging by your 2010 Election Results, not many people .... Richard W. Symonds.
TheBlueGuerilla: Harassment Probe Councillor Accused of ...
http://www.theblueguerilla.co.uk/.../ha ... ed-of.ht...
12 Aug 2013 - The Crawley councillor said he decided to step down after the police ... I am the real Richard W. Symonds and will not tolerate being called a **** by .... when I stand as a local Independent at election time - "the silly season" I call it. ...... "Development at Ifield would result in the loss of an existing golf course"
The new council - Skuds' Sister's Brother
22 May 2012 - The council is a lot more evenly balanced now, and as a result the ... Tags: Crawley Council ... Ifield East) won't represent Tories in 2013 election, Crawley News, June 20 2012 ... Richard W. Symonds // Oct 8, 2012 at 4:31 pm ... as an Independent – to work towards Unitary City status for Crawley & Gatwick.
West Sussex County Council election results 4th June 2009
http://www.docstoc.com/.../West-Sussex- ... ts-4th-J...
8 Mar 2010 - West Sussex County Council election results 4th June 2009. ... Green & Ifield SYMONDS Richard W. Independent 291 East Langley Green ... Party 361 Candidate Southgate & Crawley ATKINSON Linda Elizabeth British ...
Election Results‎
Search Election Results Look Up Quick Results Now!
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Postby RichardWSymonds » Sat May 24, 2014 11:53 am

I've been taking a closer look at the UKIP election results in West
Sussex -
comparing Worthing (the town in which I was brought up), and Crawley
(the town in which I live).


One reason is to back up my statement yesterday at the Crawley
elections : "UKIP are the BNP in suits":
http://www.crawleynews.co.uk/UKIP-BNP-s ... l#comments

On closer analysis, I am reminded of the words "Let history speak",
which is an introductory quote to this book:
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Blackshirts-Sea ... 095152531X

There appears to be a 80-year+ common thread - a streak - running
though West Sussex - from 1930 to 2014:

1930/31 - 'New Party' set up by Oswald Moseley, which morphed into the
British Union of Fascists (BUF) & the Summer Camps at Selsey.

1933-38 - 'BUF' - 'Blackshirts-on-Sea' - Worthing dubbed "Munich of the
South Coast" with its BUF HQ in Marine Parade Worthing, with its first
BUF elected councillor ("Mr Bentick-Budd"), and others in County Hall

1970's - National Front (NF) and the 'dark history' of Wykehurst Place
http://www.theargus.co.uk/archive/2004/ ... r/?ref=arc

1990-2012 - British National Party (BNP)

2012-2014 - UK Independence Party (UKIP)
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Postby RichardWSymonds » Sat May 24, 2014 9:11 pm

http://www.crawleynews.co.uk/UKIP-BNP-s ... l#comments

"UKIP are the BNP in suits" claims Crawley council candidate
By Crawley News | Posted: May 23, 2014

CONCERNS: Richard Symonds thinks UKIP are the BNP in suits

A CRAWLEY Borough Council candidate has accused UKIP of being "the BNP in suits".

Independent Richard Symonds, who stood in Ifield in yesterday's local elections, fears the BNP have morphed into UKIP.

At this morning's election count, at the K2 leisure centre, he told of his fears that UKIP could win several seats on the council.

Talking about his own chances, he said: "I am a realist, so being realistic I am up against three well-oiled political machines, one of which (UKIP) is very greasy.

LIVE: Crawley Borough Council local election results
Local elections: UKIP hoping to have won 4 Crawley Borough Council seats
Local elections: Conservative councillor concedes that Labour have won control of Crawley Borough Council
"I am obviously playing to win but in reality I don't have much of a chance.

"UKIP is the dark horse. I have been knocking on doors for 15 years.

"The main reason was to fight against the BNP when they were strong. To my mind the BNP has morphed into UKIP. To my mind they are the BNP in suits."

Read more: http://www.crawleynews.co.uk/UKIP-BNP-s ... l#comments#ixzz32fa9XA2J
Read more at http://www.crawleynews.co.uk/UKIP-BNP-s ... jtS9Das.99
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Postby RichardWSymonds » Sat May 24, 2014 10:09 pm


kombizz kashani

"UKIP are the BNP in Suits" !

The UK Independence Party is a Eurosceptic right-wing populis political party in the United Kingdom, founded in 1993. The party describes itself in its constitution as a "democratic, libertarian party" and, as of July 2013, has a membership of 30,000.
As of September 2013, UKIP has 9 of the 73 UK seats in the European Parliament, three members in the House of Lords and one seat in the Northern Ireland Assembly, though it has never won a seat in the House of Commons. The UKIP performance in the 2013 local election was the "biggest surge for a fourth party" in British politics since the Second World War, coming fourth in the number of council seats won and third in projected nationwide vote share. Nigel Farage is the leader of UKIP after being re-elected on 5 November 2010, having previously been leader from 2006 to 2009. Farage is a founding member of the party (from its formation as the Anti-Federalist League in 1991) and has been a UKIP Member of the European Parliament (MEP) since 1999.

The British National Party (BNP) is a far-right political party in the United Kingdom. Formed as a splinter group from the National Front by John Tyndall in 1982, since 1999 it has been led by Nick Griffin. The BNP party platform is centred on the advocacy of "voluntary resettlement whereby immigrants and their descendants are afforded the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin." As well as anti-immigration rhetoric, the party advocates the reintroduction of capital punishment, and opposes same-*** marriage, and what it perceives as the Islamification of the UK.
The party's ideology has been described as fascist by political scientists and commentators, but the party formally denies this label. High-profile groups and people including The Royal British Legion and David Cameron have criticised the BNP, and BNP membership is prohibited for people of certain occupations. It restricted membership to "indigenous British" people until a 2010 legal challenge to its constitution.
The BNP finished fifth in the 2008 London mayoral election with 5.3% of the vote, winning a seat in the London Assembly. In 2009 it won its first county council seats and two seats in the European Parliament, with leader Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons being elected as Members of the European Parliament (MEP) in the North West and Yorkshire and Humber regions. Brons resigned from the BNP in 2011. During the 2010 General Election, the BNP received 1.9% of the vote and failed to win any seats. According to the BNP's statement of accounts in December 2012, its membership was 4872, compared to over 12,000 in 2009. A number of breakaway parties have been formed from former BNP members.


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